Forest fires

Abandoned farmlands lead to more forest fires in mainland Portugal

June 18 2017. Large forest fires strike Portugal, northeast of Lisbon. Many people have been killed. This article has been published before on the ClimateChangePost.

Changing wildfire regimes in Mediterranean Europe: human activities versus climate change

Higher temperatures and more droughts not necessarily increase the number and intensity of wildfires. The combination of climate and human effects makes predictions of future fires highly challenging.

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Wildfires increase in Europe from north to south by a factor 10!

Wildfire risk in northern Europe is much less than in the south. In northern Europe, wildfires are rare: the percentage of forestland burnt annually is less than 0.05%, compared with 0.55% for Spain.

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Longread - Wildfires and climate change, a connection that’s hard to deny

The impacts of climate change on natural hazards cast their shadows in the increasing numbers of wildfires. The causal connection is hard to deny.

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Forest fires and adaptation options in Europe

Estimates of potential increase in annual burned areas in Europe under a high-end scenario of climate change show an increase of about 200% by 2090

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Forest fire risk in Sweden’s future climate

Northern Sweden is likely to be a fire-resistant region in the future climate. In contrast, southern Sweden is projected to become a more fire-prone region

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Climate change impacts on wildfires in Spain

In the past, the number of fires in North-East Spain decreased, indicating that past improvements in management actions have more than counterbalanced the climatic trend.

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Forest fire danger changes in Finland due to climate change

The probability of forest fire danger days in Finland has been estimated to increase by 56-75% for 2010−2029 and 71-91% for 2080−2099.

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Severe wildfires in southern Greece due to increasing extremes of heat and drought

Mediterranean mountainous areas may face a very large threat from wildfires in the twenty-first century, if socioeconomic changes leading to

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Climate change effects on rural fires in Portugal

Since 1980 an area equivalent to 3/5 of the forested surface in Portugal has burned. The burnt areas in July and August account for 71% of the total burnt area in Portugal.

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Trends in large wild land fires in NE Spain

Over the past 30 years, wild land fires have became more extreme, with fire behaviour more and more often exceeding fire fighting capabilities

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Managing forests and fire in changing climates

Fire policy that focuses on suppression only delays the inevitable, promising more dangerous and destructive future forest fires.

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Future Alpine forest fire potential

So far, forest fires do not constitute a significant hazard in the central and northern parts of the Alps, while on the southern side they are more common

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