Insurance and business

Escalating summer heat exposure will increase loss in labour productivity

By 2100, many European workers will very likely be affected by heat stress. In Southern Europe, 15-60 per cent of the working hours may be lost under a high-end scenario of climate change.

Climate change affects all economies, through foreign trade

Climate change negatively affects the global economy, both directly in world regions and transnationally through foreign trade channels. Germany is relatively well off.

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What changes flood risk in Europe? Reflections from a reinsurance perspective

A proper look at flood risk shows that annual flood losses in Central Europe have not increased significantly over the past four decades if the effect of economic development is eliminated.

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Businesses on their journey to sustainability: Notes from Transform 2019

How can businesses transform to a circular economy, reduce their carbon footprints, and adapt to climate change? A summary of valuable experiences of the speakers at this summit on sustainability.

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Damage and fatalities extreme weather events in Europe on the rise

Weather disasters have increased in number and intensity in recent decades. Damage caused by extreme weather events has been on the rise. In terms of casualties the 2003 and 2010 heat waves stand out.

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Floods in China will affect the United States far more than the European Union

In the next two decades, river flood risk will increase particularly in China. Losses in China affect other countries as well, through supply chains and trade. The EU is well adjusted for this.

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Increasing heat stress will strongly reduce labour productivity worldwide

Increasing heat levels as a result of climate change will substantially reduce labour productivity. Tropical and sub-tropical areas will be particularly affected.

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Future affordability and coverage climate-risk insurance calls for more resilience

Rising climate-related risks such as from floods and windstorms threaten affordability and coverage availability for society at large. Continuous efforts are needed to address underlying risks.

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Global warming will increase cost of avoiding heat-related illness outdoor workers

Heat-related illness and the economic cost of avoiding it is a serious issue that should be kept in mind when discussing the benefits and economic cost of climate change mitigation.

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Exposure of global metal mining industry to climate change

Copper, lead, zinc, and nickel are vital metals for modern infrastructure. The sites where they are mined are exposed to the consequences of climate change. Most exposed are copper resources.

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Business supply chain networks are vulnerable for climate change in many ways

In our globalized world an extreme event in one part of the world can have a major impact on business continuity on the other side of the planet.

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Insurance for an uncertain climate

The application of insurance as a mechanism to help vulnerable people adapt to the impacts of climate change is gaining international support. Experts support the idea but warn of potential problems.

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Flood risk insurance in the European Union.

Flood insurance differs widely in scope and form across Europe. There seems to be little appetite for harmonization of flood insurance arrangements across the EU

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