In a warming world, what happens to wine?

By the year 2050 Europe’s wine map may look completely different from what we are used today.

French and Swiss wine grape harvest dates 10 days earlier today than in previous 400 years

There is increasing evidence that warming trends have advanced wine grape harvest dates in recent decades. Across the globe, harvest dates advance approximately 6 days per degree of warming.

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Spanish premium-quality wine areas at risk under climate change

Premium-quality wine areas in Europe are at risk due to climate change.

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Too hot future for high-quality wine in central and southern Spain

For the second half this century an intense increase in accumulated heat in central and southern Spain is projected, which would negatively impact wine quality in these regions.

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Optimal zones for Portuguese grapevine varieties shift to the north

Climate change is expected to change the optimal zones for grape varieties. Grapes are expected to ripen earlier in warmer climates, but unbalanced ripening may lead to lower wine quality.

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Vineyard soil erosion under climate change in the Mediterranean

Does climate change affect the erosion of vineyard soils in the Mediterranean? Recent results for a Spanish study area show that year-to-year variability is too high

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Changing geography of high-quality wine production in Europe

European wine farms show considerable potential to improve their economic performance, and thereby ease their situation in a global change scenario.

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Recent climate trends impacts on grape harvest date

Viticulture is affected by climate change, mainly by a shift in the four basic grapevine developmental stages budbreak, flowering, véraison (beginning of maturation) and full ripeness (harvest).

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Trends in wine grape ripening in northeastern Slovenia

Estimation of the impact of climate change on the growth cycle of the grapevine has shown a significant impact on harvest timing and season duration.

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Wine and climate change in Roussillon, France

The main concern of wine producers is excessive summer water stress, leading to decreasing yields. It was estimated that yields in Languedoc-Roussillon could decrease by 26% by 2080.

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Grape production and wine quality in north-western Spain

During the period 1958–2005 the thermal conditions for the development and maturation of grapes in north-western Spain have improved ...

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Projections for wine production in the Douro Valley

Wine production is projected to increase by about 10% by the end of the 21st century, while the occurrence of high production years is expected to increase from 25% to over 60% ...

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Change in climate and berry composition for grapevine varieties in the Loire Valley

Observed changes in berry composition were significantly influenced by the increases in temperature from 1960 to 2010 ...

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