Facing the Climate Emergency

July 4th, 2023 | Download as PDF
Facing the Climate Emergency

Margaret Klein Salamon has changed the way the world thinks about climate change. She was at the forefront of the ‘climate emergency movement’. In her book Facing the Climate Emergency she talks openly about how climate change took hold of her life, started to fill her daily activities with anxiety, and how she transformed her feelings into action.

I’ve been reading the 2nd edition of this book. Her words are powerful and her message stays with you and changes the way you look at the daily rollercoaster of alarming news on the impacts of climate change. It makes you want to act yourself or, in my case, to continue building a bridge between science and society and tell the world what is really at stake.

Margaret Klein Salomon is a clinical psychologist turned climate activist based in New York. She is the executive director of the Climate Emergency Fund, and founder of both the grassroots advocacy group Climate Mobilization and the Climate Awakening project. You can buy her book on amazon.