New: The Geography of Future Water Challenges

March 15th, 2023 | Download as PDF
New: The Geography of Future Water Challenges

Next week, on 22-24 March, the UN Water Conference will take place in New York. At this conference, a new book on The Geography of Future Water Challenges will be launched. This book addresses the many water challenges around the globe, ranging from droughts and floods to sanitation, security and biodiversity. For all types of landscapes: rivers, deltas and coastal zones, cities, and drylands.

It’s not the kind of book you are used to. This time, we (yes, the editor-in-chief of the ClimateChangePost also contributed to this book) told our stories by using infographics and maps as much as possible instead of a lot of text. The result looks a bit like a comic book, but the stories we address are dead serious.

The book has been made by a team of Dutch water experts from various research institutes, led by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, and supported by a team of great designers.

The book is now available online.