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The change in windiness in the 21st century is probably small throughout Europe, and where it does occur it is mostly within the bounds of internal variability (1).

For Croatia, however, a possible impact of climate change on the role of the wind is reported (2). According to this report, wind may have a more important role and influence than now. Soil erosion by wind which, though neglected, has been causing great damage and will become an even more serious problem, notably on sandy soils in the Sava valley and on light soils in eastern Slavonija, Baranja and Srijem. Besides its effect on soil erosion, wind will have a stronger influence on the distribution of pollutants, emitted from industrial and urban areas, as well as roads, into the environment. Thus, excessive pollution will occur on the sites where solid particles from air are deposited. Wind will also have a major role in salinization/alkalization of soils in the coastal region, as well as in damage incurred to agricultural crops by increasing occurrence of rime frost.


The references below are cited in full in a separate map 'References'. Please click here if you are looking for the full references for Croatia.

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