How the Swiss continue winter sport in times of climate change

The retreat of the Aletsch Glacier is destabilising the slopes of its valley flanks, causing subsidence of a mountain ridge. But the innovative Swiss have found a way to continue skiing safely here.

Less snow in the Alps will affect society in many ways

What would be considered a snow-sparse winter of today’s climate is projected to become quite average or even snow abundant in the future. Less snow not only affects winter tourism.

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Snow cover duration in Swiss Alps has shortened by 9 days per decade since 1970

Snow cover duration and maximum snow depth have been declining in the Swiss Alps since 1970. Most likely due to higher temperatures at all elevations in the Swiss Alps, especially during spring.

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Is this year’s warm start of the Alpine ski season a sign of things to come?

In the famous Austrian ski resort Lech this year’s ski season had a warm start. Could this warm start be a sign of things to come?

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Tourism demand changes in Europe due to climate change

Climatic conditions might become more favorable for tourism in the north of Europe and less so in the south. Climate model projections for 2100

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The vulnerability of Pyrenean ski resorts
 to climate change

The vulnerability of the Pyrenean ski resorts to projected changes in the snowpack under various future climate scenarios has been analyzed. A shorter ski-season length

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Rural tourism in the Nordic Region under climate change

By the 2020s, the main beneficiary of the warming climate appears to be Finland, where the number of good months is projected to rise by one month

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Climate potential for beach-based tourism in the Mediterranean in the 21st century

The overall enhancement on summery tourist comfort in north-western European countries and the overall degradation in the Mediterranean could lead to

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Snow variability in the Swiss Alps 1864–2009

There are changes in the Swiss Alpine snow pack that may be due to climate change. However, the complex local influences on the snow pack via temperature, precipitation, radiation, wind and humidity

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Tourism climate potential for Luxembourg

For tourism, information on thermal comfort/stress conditions as well as aesthetical and physical parameters is important. For Luxembourg, projections of future changes

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Snow variability impact on Swiss tourism

Swiss ski areas are located on average at higher altitude than those of neighbouring countries. The ski industry, therefore, is expected to be less affected in Switzerland

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Climate change effects on winter ski tourism in Andorra

A future reduction in ski season length and a drop in the number of skiers have been projected for Andorra, especially at the lowest elevation ski resorts ...

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