Cultural-historical heritage

Barriers and opportunities in adapting our cultural heritage to climate change risks

Proactive adaptation is an opportunity to effectively adapt our cultural heritage to climate change risks. One of the barriers, however, is how to deal with the uncertainties of things to come.

Most World Heritage sites at low-lying Mediterranean coasts at risk from coastal flooding or erosion

An assessment shows that most World Heritage sites in low-lying coastal areas of the Mediterranean are at risk from coastal flooding or erosion, already today. Sea-level rise will make things worse.

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‘Edinburgh will continue to be a climate resilient city’

Presented by Fiona MacLeod (The City of Edinburgh Council) at the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Glasgow in June 2017.

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Can we protect Scotland’s archaeological assets along its dynamic coast?

Based on contributions at ECCA 2017 by Alistair Rennie (Scottish Natural Heritage), Jim Hansom and James Fitton (University of Glasgow), and input from Mairi Davis (Historic Environment Scotland).

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Is our cultural heritage threatened by climate change?

More research is needed on sustainable adaptation planning to preserve cultural heritage under climate change, according to the first global literature review of cultural heritage and climate change.

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How to protect our cultural heritage from flooding? Experience in the Netherlands

Staff of Dutch museums and monumental buildings, and climate, flood and crisis management experts shared their experiences on how to protect valuable collections and buildings in times of crises.

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Archaeological sites under climate change: what can be preserved, and how?

Climate change will unavoidably affect the archaeological heritage, through temperature increases, changes in humidity cycles, and increased frequency and severity of extreme events.

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Greenland’s archaeological sites threatened by thawing permafrost

Among the world heritage sites that are threatened by climate change are sites in Greenland that are important for their archaeological evidence of early human inhabitants of Greenland.

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UK’s Neolithic monuments threatened by climate change

Well-known examples of UK world heritage sites that are threatened by climate change are the Neolithic monuments of the Orkney Islands in Scotland and at Stonehenge and Avebury in southern England.

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Loss of cultural world heritage to sea-level rise

The impact of global warming on the cultural world heritage through sea level rise has been estimated for the next 2000 years.

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Flood vulnerability assessment for historic buildings in England

Floods in England in the past have impacted upon large numbers of historic structures. Increasing concern has been voiced on risks posed by flood events to historic buildings

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Robust strategies for reindeer management

Climatic changes might amplify existing trends in recreation activities, resulting in more disturbance and further deterioration of wild mountain reindeer summer and winter habitats.

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