Norway’s aquaculture needs more focus on long-term climate change

Based on a presentation by Grete Hovelsrud (Nord University) at the 4th Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation in Bergen, Norway, August 2016.

Trends in fish species along the Portuguese coast

For the period 1927–2011, Portuguese data on landings of species with affinity for temperate waters generally presented a decreasing trend, whereas

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Climate change impacts on marine fisheries

Projected impacts indicate increased fish productivity at high latitudes and decreased productivity at low/mid latitudes

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Climate effect on Mediterranean fisheries

The Mediterranean Sea is warming in both shallow and deep waters. This warming is part of global climate trends and not a regional phenomenon.

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Streamflow and thermal habitats of freshwater fishes under climate change

Climate change will affect future flow and thermal regimes of rivers. This will directly affect freshwater habitats and ecosystem health.

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