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Greenland’s archaeological sites threatened by thawing permafrost

Among the world heritage sites that are threatened by climate change are sites in Greenland that are important for their archaeological evidence of early human inhabitants of Greenland.

Recent flooding England and Wales not due to more intense rainfall

The flooding events over the last years do not seem to be related to changes in the magnitude of daily rainfall. It is the frequency of multi-day precipitation accumulations that has changed.

Northern Europe’s agriculture will benefit from longer and warmer growing season, southern countries will suffer

The prolongation and intensification of the thermal growing season offers several benefits for northern European forestry and agriculture. In southern Europe, negative impacts dominate.

French and Swiss wine grape harvest dates 10 days earlier today than in previous 400 years

There is increasing evidence that warming trends have advanced wine grape harvest dates in recent decades. Across the globe, harvest dates advance approximately 6 days per degree of warming.

Debris flows in the Alps in a changing climate: are things getting better or worse?

For the Alps, the main trigger of debris flows is high intensity, short duration rainfall. Under future climate change, it is likely that increases in extreme rainfall will alter debris flow frequency

UK’s Neolithic monuments threatened by climate change

Well-known examples of UK world heritage sites that are threatened by climate change are the Neolithic monuments of the Orkney Islands in Scotland and at Stonehenge and Avebury in southern England.

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In 2003, more than 70,000 people across Europe died in a sweltering heat wave that spanned much of the summer.

The past three decades, soil organic carbon stocks in German Alps forests have decreased. This is likely due to accelerated microbial organic carbon decomposition with increasing soil temperature.

In the future, Spain could face extreme-behavior wildland fires beyond firefighting capacity, scientists warn.

Increasing the level of flood protection may be cost-effective, but is not sustainable in the long term. A higher level of flood protection results in the loss of flood memory.

Looking at the combination of extreme events, entire Europe could face a progressive increase in overall climate exposure, with a prominent spatial gradient towards southwestern regions

The Albanian government has launched its National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Where can you quickly find the context to put a breaking weather event into a solid climate perspective?

A new report from the World Bank warns that the world is ill-prepared for an increase in the number of disasters in large cities.

Increasing exposure to flooding is the main cause of the steeply rising trend in global river flood losses over the past decades.

Forest management can mitigate the effects of climate change. Climate and forest management interact and affect streamflow differentially.

The effect of climate change on extreme events extends back several decades. An example is the record- breaking hot summer of 1997/1998 in Australia.

A new field of science called “extreme event attribution” allows for answering the question: did climate change play a role in
this specific extreme event?

The battle against climate change will be a race against the clock. Engineers will have to fight on two fronts: towards a sustainable energy system and against projected impacts.

One of the greatest impacts of sea level rise on seaports is related to wave overtopping. Sea level rise increases overtopping and potentially endangers boats and other assets.

It is yet unclear how climate change may affect the number of severe storms on the Atlantic Ocean and in the European coastal zone.

Is England’s winter flooding of 2013/2014 influenced by anthropogenic climate change? British Prime Minister David Cameron: ‘I very much suspect that it is’.

Changes in snowmelt affect the size and timing of flood peaks in Britain. Snow is a major component of flow for catchments particularly in Scotland.

Air pollution is a serious health concern in many parts of the world. Projections of air quality changes over Europe under climate change are highly uncertain, however.

A new graphic boils down 166 years of data that shows just how quickly global warming is spiraling out of control.

Presented by Karen Meijer (Deltares, The Netherlands) at the Adaptation Futures Conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, May 2016


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