ClimateChangePost will join National Disasters Expo Singapore

November 30th, 2022 | Download as PDF
ClimateChangePost will join National Disasters Expo Singapore

On 7-8 December 2022, I will join the National Disasters Expo in Singapore, the world’s leading event for the management and mitigation of natural disasters. I will present the ClimateChangePost, my initiative to connect climate change science to the outside world.

The impacts of climate change will be a main topic at this event. Focus will be on floods, storms, wildfires, and heat. In Europe, the risk of natural disasters is rising sharply from north to south. Southern European countries are much more vulnerable to sea level rise and already suffer from regular flash flooding. Wildfire risk increases sharply from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean by a factor 10. I will give two keynote lectures on ‘Europe in a changing climate’, taking the audience on a journey through Europe’s vulnerabilities to climate change and its strategies to adapt.

And for those who would like to connect to the ClimateChangePost to present their work on – dealing with – national disasters and climate change vulnerabilities, I will have my own spot at the Expo. If you are one of the visitors or presenters at this event, be sure to drop by in both 327.