Navigating rivers and deltas towards a sustainable future

January 25th, 2021 | Download as PDF
Navigating rivers and deltas towards a sustainable future

Rivers and deltas are key systems that form the arteries of the earth, from the mountains to the sea, providing a multitude of opportunities for addressing global sustainability challenges, over the next decades. How we use, manage and invest in water management, adaptation, agriculture, infrastructure and urban development will determine the future lives of billions of people and the quality of our aquatic ecosystems.

A good understanding of river systems and their deltas is at the core of making a shift towards sustainable development. Today, 25th January, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has launched a ‘River Basin Delta Tool’ on the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021: This tool, called 'Navigating rivers and deltas towards a sustainable future', shows how river and delta systems work under natural conditions, how we have changed our rivers and deltas, what lies ahead in terms of further impacts under a business-as-usual scenario, and how we can bend the trend towards more sustainable development.

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