About the source material

The information on the website is based on a large number of publications, including:

  • Global: IPCC Reports (including Special Reports);
  • EU: Reports of the European Environment Agency, the EU Joint Research Centre, EU Research projects;
  • National: National Communications under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; National studies (Pitt Review, Reports Assessment Agencies, Dutch Delta Programme, e.g.);
  • Scientific journals: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology; Climate Dynamics; Climate Research; Climatic Change;  Environment and Urbanization; Field Crops Research; Geophysical Research Letters; Global Environmental Change; International Journal of Climatology; Journal of Agricultural Economics; Journal of Hydrology; Journal of Sustainable Tourism; Journal of Wine Research; Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change; Mountain Research and Development; Natural Hazards; Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences; Nature Climate Change; Nature Geoscience; Regional Environmental Change; Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism; Science; Theoretical and Applied Climatology; Water Resources Research


For more information: please contact info@climateadaptation.eu